Petrol station

We possess our own petrol station in the town of Szymiszów.

Our vehicles travel thousands of kilometres per day, so the quality of diesel fuel is of a great importance to us. Therefore, we use our own petrol station, which gives us a guarantee of high-quality fuel.

Our store with a wide range of products is also located at the station.


Tel: +48 77 461 75 90

Try our fuel
at your place.

We also supply our fuel to third parties, so we kindly invite you to come and refuel your car at any time. It is also possible to order the delivery of diesel fuel to your home or business.


We offer exceptionally attractive discounts – up to 10 grosz per litre, and the bigger the order, the

What is more, with orders over 300 litres of fuel we provide free delivery.


Why our stations?

The quality of fuel is reflected into the quality of driving, which is important not only for transport companies. By refuelling at our petrol station, you can be certain you are choosing the best diesel fuel for your car.


Fuel does not have to be expensive
Quite the contrary – with us you get discounts with every refuelling.
The more you buy, the more you gain! Check for yourself.

Free delivery

Do you need quality fuel for your business?
Take advantage of our free delivery option.
For orders over 300 litres, we deliver fuel for free.


We use our diesel fuels ourselves, so its quality is a priority for us.

We make sure that our fuel meets all international standards.


Our petrol station is located on the national road DK94 in the town of Szymiszów, between Opole and Strzelce Opolskie.

Entrust your transport to us!


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